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Xbox One Plus Titanfall and Forza 5 for $450

The online retailer known as NewEgg is offering an incredible deal for their shoppers. Currently you can purchase the console with Titanfall, one of the most popular games to ever be released on a console and Forza 5 the racing simulator for only $450. This is an incredible deal that is only available for one week and then the price will revert back to $550.


Titanfall is a new shooter released by Respawn Entertainment. Respawn Entertainment is a group of developers who originally created Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. The new game from these famed developers puts you in a futuristic world where war wages on Earth. You fight against various players from around the world to win a multiplayer match and move onto the next battle, eventually you earn Titans during the battle which lets you rampage through the streets of the various multiplayer maps in the game and destroy all who stand in your path.

Forza 5 on the other hand is a racing simulator that features hundreds of different cars from various eras, dozens of race tracks and a large amount of DLC. This deal will allow for you to gain not only an Xbox One but an incredible gaming experience. The special deal will also boast one month of Xbox Live Gold, allowing for you to play both of these games instantly.

You have to go to the NewEgg online website in order to purchase this incredible console combo.

GameBoy is 25 Years Old

The GameBoy is now twenty five years old. The handheld console changed how we play video games and helped shape an entire generation. Without the GameBoy there would of been hundreds of children who wouldn’t of become immersed into the world of video games. These very same children would end up creating the video games that we now play, some of the best video games such as the last of us were created by diehard fans of the GameBoy.


When the GameBoy was first released back in 1989 people didn’t believe that a handheld console could become popular. Pokemon, Zelda and many other titles allowed for this handheld console to become popular around the entire globe. Eventually Nintendo, the creators of the GameBoy would released the GameBoy Color two years later. The GameBoy Color sold 501 Million Units throughout its lifetime. After the GameBoy Color was released it wasn’t until 2001 that another GameBoy would be released, the GameBoy Advanced boasted a new designed and better internals which allowed for exciting games and new gaming experiences.

Eventually Nintendo would go on to create the Nintendo DS, 3DS and 2DS as other handheld consoles. Even though the Nintendo home consoles don’t do as good as the Playstation or Xbox One, Nintendo is able to keep a firm grasp on the handheld market. When you want to play video games on the go you always choose a Nintendo product before a Sony handheld product. You can purchase a Nintendo 3DS at your local electronics store and enjoy the same experiences you had on the GameBoy.

Playtech’s Diamond Valley Jackpot Won

The end of the month always brings a relief to people all around the world, it marks the end of a busy four weeks. One online gambler had a major relief to the end of their month after they triggered a jackpot while playing Diamond Valley, a video slot created by Playtech. This punter was able to win $101,607 while spinning the reels at Diamond Valley.

Diamond Valley slot

This 5 reel, 5 payline slot is designed around the prehistoric age when dinosaurs roamed the lands. While playing this slot you notice that various features can triggered such as multipliers. On the reels various birds appear as symbols, diamonds, money symbols, jewelry boxes and more. This in return makes for an experience that is unique but none the less still exciting.
The announcement of this jackpot came from Playtech and during the announcement they stated, “One punter was able to win a jackpot worth $101,607 while playing our video slot, Diamond Valley. We have contacted this punter and he has told us that he’d like to remain anonymous to the media in order to stop future issues that might result from his big win. He did mention that he doesn’t know what he shall do with the money he has won but that he looks forward to taking an exotic vacation somewhere in the world.”

You can start spinning the reels on Diamond Valley by registering a player account that boasts the Playtech software such as Ladbrokes.

Land Gambling Being Addressed Before Online Gambling In Illinois

An Illinois Senator was asked to be interviewed on a television station earlier on this month, during his interview the senator noted that land based gambling will be addressed before online gambling. What this means is that Land Gambling in Illinois will gain an expansion while online gambling will continue to remain illegal in the borders of Illinois.

State of Illinois

John Cullerton, the Senator who was being interviewed stated the following, “Online Gambling can bring in a large amount of tax revenues in our state. Unfortunately the owners of the various land based casinos in Illinois also brings in a mass amount of tax revenue each month for our state. We don’t want to upset our land based gambling industry by starting up an online gambling industry. In order to resolve the issue we will add expansions to our land based gambling industry, making it that much easier for our citizens to enjoy their gambling experiences.”

Senator Cullerton continued saying, “Online Gambling isn’t illegal in Illinois forever, eventually we will offer an online gambling industry. We just need to make sure that before we do so, our land based gambling industry is steady and ready for the competition.”

Lad based gambling in Illinois has been expanding in the state during the last two years, horse racing tracks and land based casinos have begun to pop up more throughout the state. Online gambling is still teased and even though it’s always put on the back burner, one day we will have legal online gambling in Illinois.