Monthly Archives: October 2014, the Spanish PokerStars brand announced today that they’ve released real money roulette onto their platform. This marks the first time that has offered another real money casino game other than poker, it could result in their player activity rising by twice the amount it previously was. You will find that Blackjack has also been added to the Spanish PokerStars Casino. This means punters can now experience Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker from the comfort of their homes with PokerStars. is also the first PokerStars brand in existence to offer a new casino game for real money. The owners of PokerStars, Amaya Gaming have been focusing on Full Tilt Gaming for their non-poker games. This doesn’t mean that or won’t also gain access to real money Roulette & Blackjack in the future. Analysts suspect that Amaya Gaming is using to see how other games would work with the PokerStars brand.

Poker punters in Spain have become worried with the release of these new games though as is the largest poker brand in Spain. If they began focusing on other table games and lost focus on video poker than their core audience would be lost. has openly said that they strongly believe in this market and that they’ll continue to work hard on creating better poker experience for punters. They also said that this doesn’t mean they can’t offer more casino games to make their brand grow in player activity.

The Rank Group To Make Northern Ireland Casino

The Rank Group is one of the world’s largest gambling operators. Their known for providing an incredible online gambling experience and their also known for offering exciting land based gambling experiences as well. The Rank Group only wishes to further their efforts into the gambling industry and is doing so by potentially creating a new land based casino in Northern Ireland, it would be the first land based casino to ever be built in that part of Ireland.


The Rank Group doesn’t just have plans to create a basic land based casino, they want it to be a casino that has something for everyone to enjoy. This is why they will also create a Theatre, Art House Cinema, Bowling Lanes, Bars and Restaurants within the borders of this new casino. The Rank Group estimates that this investment will cost them a total of eighteen million euro’s but this amount can easily be exceeded.

One of the main casino games that will be offered in this new Northern Ireland Casino is Roulette. Roulette is a fan favorite game across all of Europe, it’ll be one of their more common casino games if this casino’s development goes as planned. They’ll have a number of different variants of the game available which in return will give punters more variety in their experience.

The Rank Group is one of the largest entertainment companies in the European Union, owning a total of fifty five land based casinos and having three different online gambling properties that caters towards millions of punters around the world their a force not to be reckoned with. This new land based casino in Northern Ireland will more than likely go as planned which won’t just bring fun entertainment to the area but it’ll also bring new jobs which is also a positive factor.

We’ll keep you informed when new information is released regarding this matter.