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Those who love to gamble online and enjoy the thrill of winning a large amount of money can now do so through the comfort of their mobile device. No longer must you wait until you get home to play online roulette as 888 Casino revealed this week that they’ve released a mobile casino onto the iOS Platform. Amongst the new games available for the mobile platform courteously of 888 Casino is Online Roulette, players will be able to place a bet on either black or red while you watch the wheel spin around and around until it hopefully lands on your number.


There are other games that will be available through this new mobile casino. 888 also revealed that live poker, live blackjack, online blackjack, video slots & more are also available at their mobile casino as well. This will give punters plenty of variety in how they choose to enjoy their gambling experience. This new mobile app also has been designed around the convenience factor in order to simplify the users experience. Register with the casino only takes one minute and it only takes another minute for you to find a game you want to play.

Those wishing to sign up at 888’s mobile casino can do so by downloading the mobile application through either your iPad or iPhone on the iOS Store. The application is free but players can only play real money casino games which requires that players use a valid payment method in order to deposit into the casino but that deposit can lead onto some major big wins for players.

Ontario Lottery Gambling

Ontario Citizens are in for a treat in the next couple of weeks as the first regulated online casino is making its way to Ontario. The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation revealed weeks ago that an online casino that is regulated would be making its way to Ontario Punters. This surprised many in the province but people still were unaware as to what kind of games would be making its way to the casino, many citizens expecting it to be mainly scratch card games and video slots.


Luckily those people were wrong as today OLG revealed what games would be making its way to this new gambling website. Those games include video slots, scratch card games, roulette, blackjack, video poker & various other card games. They also noted that you can expect keno, craps & other casino games to make its way to the casino in the future after its initial release. With this announcement made many people around Ontario are excited to experience this new regulated online casino as it could very well offering an exciting gambling experience & potentially be profitable at the same time. That could be difficult though as OLG might make the payout ratios lower than an average online casino just as they do in their land based slots.

None the less players will still be able to enjoy a regulated online gambling experience through this casino. We shall keep you informed on new information released regarding this casino. It’ll be interesting to see if they release the names of these casino games., the Spanish PokerStars brand announced today that they’ve released real money roulette onto their platform. This marks the first time that has offered another real money casino game other than poker, it could result in their player activity rising by twice the amount it previously was. You will find that Blackjack has also been added to the Spanish PokerStars Casino. This means punters can now experience Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker from the comfort of their homes with PokerStars. is also the first PokerStars brand in existence to offer a new casino game for real money. The owners of PokerStars, Amaya Gaming have been focusing on Full Tilt Gaming for their non-poker games. This doesn’t mean that or won’t also gain access to real money Roulette & Blackjack in the future. Analysts suspect that Amaya Gaming is using to see how other games would work with the PokerStars brand.

Poker punters in Spain have become worried with the release of these new games though as is the largest poker brand in Spain. If they began focusing on other table games and lost focus on video poker than their core audience would be lost. has openly said that they strongly believe in this market and that they’ll continue to work hard on creating better poker experience for punters. They also said that this doesn’t mean they can’t offer more casino games to make their brand grow in player activity.

The Rank Group To Make Northern Ireland Casino

The Rank Group is one of the world’s largest gambling operators. Their known for providing an incredible online gambling experience and their also known for offering exciting land based gambling experiences as well. The Rank Group only wishes to further their efforts into the gambling industry and is doing so by potentially creating a new land based casino in Northern Ireland, it would be the first land based casino to ever be built in that part of Ireland.


The Rank Group doesn’t just have plans to create a basic land based casino, they want it to be a casino that has something for everyone to enjoy. This is why they will also create a Theatre, Art House Cinema, Bowling Lanes, Bars and Restaurants within the borders of this new casino. The Rank Group estimates that this investment will cost them a total of eighteen million euro’s but this amount can easily be exceeded.

One of the main casino games that will be offered in this new Northern Ireland Casino is Roulette. Roulette is a fan favorite game across all of Europe, it’ll be one of their more common casino games if this casino’s development goes as planned. They’ll have a number of different variants of the game available which in return will give punters more variety in their experience.

The Rank Group is one of the largest entertainment companies in the European Union, owning a total of fifty five land based casinos and having three different online gambling properties that caters towards millions of punters around the world their a force not to be reckoned with. This new land based casino in Northern Ireland will more than likely go as planned which won’t just bring fun entertainment to the area but it’ll also bring new jobs which is also a positive factor.

We’ll keep you informed when new information is released regarding this matter.

Betfair adding Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment continues to remain as one of the pinnacle software developers within the industry. Their software is known by thousands and their software is feared by other developers operating in the industry. Every month Net Entertainment is licensed by new operators which allows them to grow in popularity as well as earn more revenue which in return means better video slots for us to experience. Betfair, one of the largest online casinos in the European Union entered a content deal with Net Entertainment. As a result of this deal the full Net Entertainment library will be loaded at Betfair within the upcoming week.


Betfair just doesn’t operate within the European Union. They also operate in a variety of other markets but as of this time it appears that Net Entertainments library of video slots will only appear on Betfairs European based online sites. This doesn’t mean that these games don’t have the possibility of appearing in other core markets in the near future. Those markets include the U.S and Australia as well.

Commenting on the deal Net Entertainment managing director Bjorn Krantz said, “This agreement will further strengthen NetEnt’s exposure on the UK market but also in other parts of Europe.”

If you are looking to experience the Net Entertainment platform for the first time and you’re located in the European Union, you will now be able to do so by registering a player account through Betfair. You’re experience will be jam packed with exciting moments, thrilling wins and more.


Online gambling is sweeping the entire globe by storm. It’s mass popularity can no longer be ignored by the various countries located on our planet we call Earth. The European Union, States within the USA and Asia are all looking into regulating this industry so that they can profit through taxes. The latest country to hop on the online gambling bandwagon is the Bahamas, they’ve been making a large degree of progress throughout the last few months without anyone’s knowledge. It was only revealed today by the Bahamas’ Minister of Legal Affairs that they’ve been speaking about offering a regulated online gambling market and the Minster also revealed that consultations on the matter are nearly complete.

European Union

“I was under the impression that we have reached a substantial agreement and we have all but completed our consultations, and I anticipate that very shortly the bills on gaming will proceed. Our citizens will be able to enjoy online gambling entertainment from their homes and our tourists will be able to enjoy it by going to one of the many internet cafes located on our Island.” Gomez said.

Online gambling operators who want to set up shop in the Bahamas might want to consider waiting a year before hopping on the bandwagon. The reason is because in order to operate within the Bahamas you will have to set up your operations in the Bahamas, fee’s will be charges for licensing and have a certain amount of capital. Though the lure of this market has brought interest to many operators, it could end up being a profitable market to enter.

3 Wheel Roulette

Wager Works is a software developer in the online & mobile gambling market and division of IGT, that was recently purchased by IGT. It is clear that IGT is already looking to make a return on their investment by getting the Wager Works team to start working on a new roulette based online game. IGT informed the Wager Works staff that they would have to create a brand new experience for roulette, an experience that would draw in hundreds of new punters to the casinos that license out the Wager Works gambling platform.

Wworks logo

The result is that Wager Works has now released a three wheel roulette online casino game. Instead of playing your average one wheel roulette game you can now play three wheels at a time. This will allow for you to make more wagers per spin, your odds at winning are increased by double what they would normally be. Each roulette wheel has a different theme, boasting different colors in order for players to recognize the difference between each wheel.

This new game will also come with a bonus feature that essentially works as a multiplier. Whatever numbers that are called on each one of the three wheels will be added up and then used as a multiplier on your next win. You could end up doubling on your win or you could end up having a 1000x Multiplier on your win. This kind of bonus round has never been done in a roulette game and it is sure to be the one unique feature that draws players into this new Wager Works roulette game.

888 Casino

Recently online gambling became legal in Italy. Already the new industry has proven to increase jobs just as analysts said, the industry is already ranking in big dollars for Italy which can be used towards their health care system or many tourist areas that they have located throughout their country. One of the world’s most popular online casinos recently entered the Italian gambling market and they’ve been welcomed with open arms. Already within their few weeks of operating in Italy they’ve seen three thousand plus players register an account with them.


888 Casino is known for providing some of the best gambling experiences available online. They provide punters with online slots, online table games and online card games. Those games can range from poker to blackjack to roulette. Regardless of which one of the games you wish to play you are greeted with an experience unmatched by any competitor within the Italian online gambling market. The best thing about the Italian 888 Casino is that players have a choice of either playing the casino through an instant play format or downloadable format. It should be noted that more games become available to you when you use the downloadable version of 888 Casino.

There are various payment methods you can use through this casino. These payments methods include Neteller, PayPal, Ukash, Maestro, Click2Pay, Visa, Mastercard or a director money transfer. 888 Casino has said that they are working with Italian banks to allow for a direct bank deposit as a banking option. Register an account with 888 Casino Italia today and receive an outstanding experience.

Playtech Releases Marvel Roulette Game

Playtech, one of the top developers of software for online casino gaming, revealed earlier on this month that they will be releasing a new roulette game upon the online gambling world. When this announcement was first made people look forward to the new roulette game but it didn’t bring as much attention as Playtech wanted. That is when Playtech revealed that this roulette game is being designed around famous Marvel characters that everyone loves.

playtech logo

When you load this Marvel based roulette game for the first time you will see Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and The Wolverine. You will notice that each one of these characters are designed as their movie counterparts and not their original comic book formations. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone as the Marvel movies have become famous across the globe. This roulette game plays the same as any other roulette game online, when you land on a win though you will see a certain character make an action depending on which number you won on. This in return does make the game more exciting for fans of the Marvel universe.

Playtech revealed this information with a statement on their website saying, “Recently we revealed a new roulette game was in development. We would now live to reveal the name of that roulette game, “Marvel Roulette”. Yes that is correct we are developing a new roulette game based around characters from the Marvel Universe. We suspect fans will be very pleased.”

New 3 Wheel Roulette Released

Playing a one roulette wheel game can be a ton of fun for everyone at the wheel but when you add the addition of two more wheels, everything changes in a moment’s notice. You instantly have the ability to place more wagers, play against more people and it provides an overall improved betting experience. WagerWorks, a division of IGT, has always been able to stay ahead of the competition due to their innovative design and the incredible games they produce.

IGT logo

This innovative roulette game was one of the world’s best kept secrets relating to online roulette. No one knew that WagerWorks had this roulette game in development and when they announced it earlier on this week the online gambling industry reveled at the thought of playing a three wheel roulette game. Essentially you will play your wagers on each one of these wheels, you will then click the spin button and all three of the roulette wheels will instantly spin. This in return allows for you to have a better opportunity at winning more money on your bets and the very reason as to why this game was developed.

WagerWorks has also added a three bonus feature to this three wheel roulette game. These features include Turbo Play, Spin From A Single Click and Re-Bet. Turbo Play allows for you to bet on all of the same numbers across each three wheels, if you win on each wheel you will be rewarded with a multiplier that rangers from 2x to 1000x your win.