Online gambling is sweeping the entire globe by storm. It’s mass popularity can no longer be ignored by the various countries located on our planet we call Earth. The European Union, States within the USA and Asia are all looking into regulating this industry so that they can profit through taxes. The latest country to hop on the online gambling bandwagon is the Bahamas, they’ve been making a large degree of progress throughout the last few months without anyone’s knowledge. It was only revealed today by the Bahamas’ Minister of Legal Affairs that they’ve been speaking about offering a regulated online gambling market and the Minster also revealed that consultations on the matter are nearly complete.

European Union

“I was under the impression that we have reached a substantial agreement and we have all but completed our consultations, and I anticipate that very shortly the bills on gaming will proceed. Our citizens will be able to enjoy online gambling entertainment from their homes and our tourists will be able to enjoy it by going to one of the many internet cafes located on our Island.” Gomez said.

Online gambling operators who want to set up shop in the Bahamas might want to consider waiting a year before hopping on the bandwagon. The reason is because in order to operate within the Bahamas you will have to set up your operations in the Bahamas, fee’s will be charges for licensing and have a certain amount of capital. Though the lure of this market has brought interest to many operators, it could end up being a profitable market to enter.