Betfair Leaves Canadian Market

Betfair has revealed today that they will be exiting the Canadian gamingmarket. This has come as a major shock to all fans of this platform & those located within Canada. Betfair is not the first to leave this market though, many operators have as Canada has begun to regulate the online gambling industry. This means incredible taxation on companies, which in return causes for a major loss in profit.

After January 14th, 2015 Betfair’s services will no longer be provided within the borders of Canada. This doesn’t mean fans still can’t enjoy a platform resembling their own. Paddy Power still operates in Canada & Betfair recently entered a merger with Paddy a few months ago. This’ll allow for some of their games to still be offered in the country as well as it’ll allow for Betfair to still make a profit within the country.

This announcement was revealed to the public via an email from Betfair. The email notified the following “We are sorry to inform you that as of January 14th, 2016, the Betfair products will no longer be available to be played for the citizens of Canada. We thank you for the years of dedicated playing.”

Needless to say punters are not pleased with this decision. Player activity has risen by 30% in the last forty-eight hours since the announcement though. Players are gaining in on the last of the action before this website no longer becomes available to them. Hopefully some large jackpot wins come out of Betfair in the next twenty odd days.