Casino de Spa Studio Now Streaming

Casino de Spa is known as one of the most famous land based casinos around the globe. Everyone from Hollywood blockbuster stars to members of the royal family have chosen to gamble at this location. Due to its historical significance Evolution Gaming, the leading software developer for live based casino games has set up a new studio within one of the ball rooms at the casino. This new live dealer studio is currently streaming at Unibet, Starcasino, 777, Bwin Casino, Circus Casino and Napoleon Games.

Evolution Gaming

As of now there are only three games being streamed through this new studio. The first is Auto Slingshot Roulette, the second is regular live roulette and the third is live blackjack. There’ll be an array of new games coming to this studio within the upcoming weeks and months such as other additions of blackjack, roulette and keno. There has been no specific release schedule announced though which suggests these games will be released at random.

This live dealer studio just doesn’t cater to online punters but also mobile punters as gamblers can stream their live dealer games from an array of different mobile phones and mobile tablets. The CEO of Evolution has made is clear that they are excited and happy with the launching of this new studio, she also noted that their thrilled to bring dozens of new games to the studio within the upcoming months. It’ll be interesting to see if player activity will continue to rise for Evolution due to the Casino de Spa live dealer studio.