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Gambling Industry in US to be Worth $93 Billion

Analysts are suspecting that the United States of America gambling industry could be worth $93 Billion by the year 2020. This is shocking to say the year as of right now there are only three states in the US which offer legalized gambling. That’s only legal on a state level, not federal. This means the federal government can shut down their operations at any time. None the less analysts still pursue that this’ll be the profit percentages around 2020.


This analysis was completed by Technavio. They note that due to the immense popularity of roulette, blackjack, poker and slots. There’s no way that the citizens of America won’t demand legal online gambling from the federal government, as more states legalize the word will come out to all across the country & it’ll become a major issue.

Roulette is slated to be the most popular game of them all. This is due to the simplicity of the game & the entertainment factor that comes from this title. Dealers are trained to provide a friendly, exciting experience to gamblers & due to the ability of seeing the dealers previously rolled numbers. Players can create a simple system for themselves which’ll turn them a 70% to 80% profit during their entire playthrough.

If this is to be the case, then the profit that’d be brought in state & federal wise would allow for major infrastructure to be brought in throughout the country. Roads, schools, programs and more could be bettered due to this new industry.

Betfair Leaves Canadian Market

Betfair has revealed today that they will be exiting the Canadian gamingmarket. This has come as a major shock to all fans of this platform & those located within Canada. Betfair is not the first to leave this market though, many operators have as Canada has begun to regulate the online gambling industry. This means incredible taxation on companies, which in return causes for a major loss in profit.

After January 14th, 2015 Betfair’s services will no longer be provided within the borders of Canada. This doesn’t mean fans still can’t enjoy a platform resembling their own. Paddy Power still operates in Canada & Betfair recently entered a merger with Paddy a few months ago. This’ll allow for some of their games to still be offered in the country as well as it’ll allow for Betfair to still make a profit within the country.

This announcement was revealed to the public via an email from Betfair. The email notified the following “We are sorry to inform you that as of January 14th, 2016, the Betfair products will no longer be available to be played for the citizens of Canada. We thank you for the years of dedicated playing.”

Needless to say punters are not pleased with this decision. Player activity has risen by 30% in the last forty-eight hours since the announcement though. Players are gaining in on the last of the action before this website no longer becomes available to them. Hopefully some large jackpot wins come out of Betfair in the next twenty odd days.

Coral Launches New Live Dealer Product

Coral Gaming, one of the more notable operators in the online gambling industry has announced the launching of their latest gambling product. “Coral Live” is a new gambling platform offered by Coral but developed by Playtech, this brand new casino will feature only live dealer casino games such as roulette and blackjack. This is clearly this operators attempt to stay relevant in the constant expanding changes in the online & mobile gambling industries.

Coral Gaming

This new casino is slated to offer both mobile and desktop support in order to appear to all players. Games will include Roulette, Blackjack, Hi-Lo Poker and Baccarat. There are more games slated to be released in the future such as multiple additions of the game roulette (I.E American Roulette, Mini Roulette or European Roulette). These games are slated to only be offered to those players located within the boundaries of the European Union. This isn’t surprising as Europe stands as the largest online gambling market around the globe.

Mark Kemp, the director of Coral Gaming commented on this games release stating, “We’re dedicated to provide the people of the European Union with an unforgettable live gambling experience through Coral Live Casino. It’s our next step into an ever-expanding market. Choosing Playtech to developer our new platform was a necessary choice as they’ve proven countless times that they develop quality games.”

It seems that Mr. Kemp is confident in this casinos ability to provide players with an exciting, relevant and profitable gambling experience. Hopefully this proves to be true!

CasinoCruise Now Offering Evolution Gaming

Evolution gaming it seems is becoming one of the more favorited software developers in the online gambling industry. This is becoming more evident with each passing month as this year alone revenues have risen 52% for Evolution and they’ve recently been licensed out by CasinoCruise. This isn’t surprising as they’ve been named the premier live casino games software developer within only a few years into operating in the online gambling market.

Evolution gaming
This now means that those whom have an account at CasinoCruise or desire to make one will be able to experience live casino games such as immersive roulette, regular roulette, blackjack, baccarats and poker. Their most popular games played throughout all the casinos which license out their platform include roulette, blackjack and poker. It’s expected that throughout the next four months a new version of the software will be released, providing a more immersive experience to punters.

Evolution Gaming has also become an honourable operator in a short period of time. They refuse to license out their platforms to any casinos which operate in a dishonourable manner. This means that whoever wishes to find out more about this platform at CasinoCruise will be pleased to know that twenty four hour security protocols are in effect throughout the servers. This ensures that all players, the casinos as well as Evolution Gaming are protected.

Evolution Gaming has made Fifty Seven Million Euro’s in the last nine months, they show no signs of slowing down. Instead they show signs of becoming one of the most elite developers in the market.

888 Danish Casino Finally Launches

Denmark punters are rejoicing as 888 Casino has finally entered their gambling market for the first time. 888 Holdings is clearly hoping that this variant of the casino will provide the same quality experience that all their other gambling properties do, this being evident as their full selection of games are being brought over to this jurisdiction.

888 Casino

This new website is called, thanks to this being the first week of this casinos operation their providing profitable promotions to their Danish punters. These bonuses include various deposit bonuses and free spins. The Denmark gambling community’s favorite casino game stands as roulette, this is why has put a larger emphasis on their roulette titles. All of the other classic such as video slot, blackjack and slots will be making their way to the casino. Roulette will just stand as the king game for this new 888 gambling brand.

Danish Customers can as of right now go to 888 Casino Denmark & register an account to be a player. A profitable welcome bonus, weekly bonuses and daily bonuses will await whom ever does. Unfortunately the CEO of 888 Casino did not make any statements regarding their plans for the future of this website. Releasing new games will prove to be difficult as every new game to be released in Denmark first has to go through the Denmark Jurisdiction. Hopefully this won’t affect 888 Casino’s ability to provide one of the better gambling experiences available on the internet. Play today on either desktop or mobile devices alike!

Evolution Given Additional Gambling Licenses

Evolution Gaming, a live dealer software designer now offers one of the most played platforms in the United Kingdom gambling market as well as European Union. Today it was revealed by this developer that they’ve been granted two new gambling licenses, the first being a “General Software License” and the second being a “General Betting Standard Real Event License”. Both licenses were granted through the UK Gambling Commission.

evolution gaming

This is the second and third gambling licenses obtained for this developer within the United Kingdom. Previous to these two licenses they only held a “Casino Gambling License”. Evolution also has gambling licenses within Malta and Curacao. Due to being an honorable developer this software is licensed by several famous online casinos including Guts Casino, Mr. Green, Betsson, Boyle Casino and others. Ebbe Groes, the CEO behind Evolution Gaming noted that as a company they consider themselves a serious supplier in the industry, their working to assess how they can better their platform and honorability. Mr. Groes in his statement stated that this is as to why they went to gain two other gambling licensed from the UK Gambling Commission.

This platform excels in providing a realistic gambling experience to whomever might want it. This is because visually this game streams the game board directly from a game studio, the live dealers are stunning women and the experience is unlike anything else available on the market. It’s for this reason that Evolution Gambling is quickly becoming one of the most sought after platforms in the European Gambling Market.

Casino de Spa Studio Now Streaming

Casino de Spa is known as one of the most famous land based casinos around the globe. Everyone from Hollywood blockbuster stars to members of the royal family have chosen to gamble at this location. Due to its historical significance Evolution Gaming, the leading software developer for live based casino games has set up a new studio within one of the ball rooms at the casino. This new live dealer studio is currently streaming at Unibet, Starcasino, 777, Bwin Casino, Circus Casino and Napoleon Games.

Evolution Gaming

As of now there are only three games being streamed through this new studio. The first is Auto Slingshot Roulette, the second is regular live roulette and the third is live blackjack. There’ll be an array of new games coming to this studio within the upcoming weeks and months such as other additions of blackjack, roulette and keno. There has been no specific release schedule announced though which suggests these games will be released at random.

This live dealer studio just doesn’t cater to online punters but also mobile punters as gamblers can stream their live dealer games from an array of different mobile phones and mobile tablets. The CEO of Evolution has made is clear that they are excited and happy with the launching of this new studio, she also noted that their thrilled to bring dozens of new games to the studio within the upcoming months. It’ll be interesting to see if player activity will continue to rise for Evolution due to the Casino de Spa live dealer studio.

Crazy Vegas Mobile Casino Dominates Roulette

Crazy Vegas is an online & now mobile casino that has been operating since 2001. Over the years they’ve become a premier gambling destination. Today Crazy Vegas Mobile revealed that their one of the leading mobile operators. This is thanks to the fact that this casino offers an extensive portfolio of table’s games which includes different variants of roulette, variations of blackjack, poker, craps and keno.

Crazy Vegas Mobile Casino

One of their most popular titles is roulette, a game that relies purely on luck. It appears that out of any of their other table games where are offered through their mobile platform roulette has been able to dominate above all overs. There has been no word currently if Crazy Vegas plans on releasing any new table games in the upcoming future. Currently this Microgaming powered casino is more concerned with perfecting their mobile platform on Windows, Android and iOS.

Other mobile casinos such as 888 or Vera&John have been slowly falling behind Crazy Vegas within the last few months. Those wishing to gain the full experience of what it’s like to play a table game through a mobile device will only gain that through Crazy Vegas. This becoming evident as their player percentage rises & other casinos have their player percentage fall. Should there be any changes in relation to Crazy Vegas popularity we will report so here. There are no indications of that popularity failing. Register an account today with Crazy Vegas to enjoy their online roullete.

Teenager Arrested While Playing Online Roulette

A teen age boy no older than fifteen years old was recently caught in an illegal online roulette café in Johor Baru Selatan. This fifteen year old boy is a high school dropout, opting to leave school before his first year was even completed. This roulette café was raided in the popular snooker centre where previous cafes have been known to host illegal computer gambling sessions before.


Unfortunately this boy hasn’t had it easy as he is being detained with six other people caught in this café and the mother is unfortunately dealing with the death of her husband and the father of her son. The broken home has only become worse after the father passed on which is why this young boy ventured off to the café in hopes of winning a large amount of money that in return he could provide to his mother for rent, food, clothing and whatever else the family needed. This unfortunately makes no bearing to the law which is why this boy will see his court date if his mother or other relatives can’t bail him out in the upcoming days.

A total of twenty three desktop computers were taken from this café, including one master computer worth 50,000RM. The police have seized these funds and will be auctioning off the computers, all money will be used to bettering the police force in Johor State.

This case is currently being investigated by local authorities and if this boy is relieved of his charges he’ll be able to return home. We shall inform you as to what this young man’s fate is as for right now it is uncertain.

Roulette’s Popularity Rises

Roulette isn’t like blackjack or poker which require you to pay attention to every detail around you. Unlike Poker or Blackjack, roulette just requires you to choose a number and then you make your bet. Landing on that number will allow for you to double or triple your earnings. Unfortunately casino games such as video slots & progressive slots has caused for roulette to lose some of its popularity. Today that has changed for one online casino as it was revealed by 888 Casino that player traffic for their roulette platform has increased by more than twenty percent in the new year.

Roulette table

The 888 Casino Roulette Platform was able to see player traffic rise by 23.2% over the course of the last few weeks in the new year. This is all thanks to a number of new bonuses being provided by 888 Casino & due to a number of new players registering with 888. There is an array of different roulette titles available at this online casino, there has been no winners of any massive winning combinations that have reached past the $100,000 mark. One lucky player was able to win $32,043 while playing roulette at 888 casino five days ago, unfortunately no details have been released as to how this player will enjoy his new found riches.

Anyone can become a player at 888 casino, a simple registration process is all it takes and then you’ll be able to choose from the different roulette titles offered in the platform. You could be the next big winner!