GameBoy is 25 Years Old

The GameBoy is now twenty five years old. The handheld console changed how we play video games and helped shape an entire generation. Without the GameBoy there would of been hundreds of children who wouldn’t of become immersed into the world of video games. These very same children would end up creating the video games that we now play, some of the best video games such as the last of us were created by diehard fans of the GameBoy.


When the GameBoy was first released back in 1989 people didn’t believe that a handheld console could become popular. Pokemon, Zelda and many other titles allowed for this handheld console to become popular around the entire globe. Eventually Nintendo, the creators of the GameBoy would released the GameBoy Color two years later. The GameBoy Color sold 501 Million Units throughout its lifetime. After the GameBoy Color was released it wasn’t until 2001 that another GameBoy would be released, the GameBoy Advanced boasted a new designed and better internals which allowed for exciting games and new gaming experiences.

Eventually Nintendo would go on to create the Nintendo DS, 3DS and 2DS as other handheld consoles. Even though the Nintendo home consoles don’t do as good as the Playstation or Xbox One, Nintendo is able to keep a firm grasp on the handheld market. When you want to play video games on the go you always choose a Nintendo product before a Sony handheld product. You can purchase a Nintendo 3DS at your local electronics store and enjoy the same experiences you had on the GameBoy.