Keeping the peace at home while playing poker

There are many cases where poker or a gaming career has ruined friendships, relationships and even marriages, as some can develop problem gaming issues, which is outlined at sites such as the National Council on Problem Gambling. This is because most people who get heavily involved with casino games become addicted, whether it’s to chase the next big win or just enjoying it to be in that environment. There are many reasons people get hooked to casino games. Slots and table games are also involved when it comes to this problem.


So how do you manage to keep healthy relationships at home while also making time for your passion being casino games. Well let’s face it everyone needs a little alone time, or time to do their own thing whatever it may be. If your happen to be spending some time at the casino well so be it. It might be a little more difficult to manage, but total doable. There are a few things you will need to take into consideration though. Why it bothers your partner (if it does) and why it causes problems at home and with friends. These might be difficult, but can be completely managed with the right attitude. Take time to use resourceful sites like, who have an article outlining Why it is Important to Manage your Time when gambling. Articles of this kind will help you in the long run.

There are always going to be a few things that will need to come before your gaming career. For example, time with family, you are also guaranteed that you will pick up problems at home if you are always away from home playing at casinos. Families need time together and that’s why it’s important that you and you loved one talk about it and come up with come up kind of agreement. Many create a weekly date night, which both of you agree no matter what it will be met. Choose a night that suits both of you best and stick to it. Both your lives are busy with modern life and if there isn’t some kind of halfway point you will keep miss each other, your partner could be busy when you decide to take time off or you could be at the casino when your partner has free time, this just causes fights and issues when no time is made for each other.

In addition find out if your partner doesn’t perhaps share an interest in other casino games that are available, maybe you could arrange a game night where both of you go to the casino and spend time together, but this is an idea that will need to fall on another night than your agreed date night to ensure all your focus is on your partner and not on the game you are so used to playing.

Another great idea would be to have a separate account for you hobby. This will allow you to keep funding your hobby without taking funds out of your household budget. This will also provide an indication to the types of risks you can take while at the casino. Start this account small if you need to and build it up with your winnings. Only increase your stake when your account can afford it and when you get to a point where you are losing decrease your stake.

If your gaming account increases as your skill does you will find that you can start taking funds and surprise your partner with holidays, new cars, home renovations and much more.