Land Gambling Being Addressed Before Online Gambling In Illinois

An Illinois Senator was asked to be interviewed on a television station earlier on this month, during his interview the senator noted that land based gambling will be addressed before online gambling. What this means is that Land Gambling in Illinois will gain an expansion while online gambling will continue to remain illegal in the borders of Illinois.

State of Illinois

John Cullerton, the Senator who was being interviewed stated the following, “Online Gambling can bring in a large amount of tax revenues in our state. Unfortunately the owners of the various land based casinos in Illinois also brings in a mass amount of tax revenue each month for our state. We don’t want to upset our land based gambling industry by starting up an online gambling industry. In order to resolve the issue we will add expansions to our land based gambling industry, making it that much easier for our citizens to enjoy their gambling experiences.”

Senator Cullerton continued saying, “Online Gambling isn’t illegal in Illinois forever, eventually we will offer an online gambling industry. We just need to make sure that before we do so, our land based gambling industry is steady and ready for the competition.”

Lad based gambling in Illinois has been expanding in the state during the last two years, horse racing tracks and land based casinos have begun to pop up more throughout the state. Online gambling is still teased and even though it’s always put on the back burner, one day we will have legal online gambling in Illinois.