New 3 Wheel Roulette Released

Playing a one roulette wheel game can be a ton of fun for everyone at the wheel but when you add the addition of two more wheels, everything changes in a moment’s notice. You instantly have the ability to place more wagers, play against more people and it provides an overall improved betting experience. WagerWorks, a division of IGT, has always been able to stay ahead of the competition due to their innovative design and the incredible games they produce.

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This innovative roulette game was one of the world’s best kept secrets relating to online roulette. No one knew that WagerWorks had this roulette game in development and when they announced it earlier on this week the online gambling industry reveled at the thought of playing a three wheel roulette game. Essentially you will play your wagers on each one of these wheels, you will then click the spin button and all three of the roulette wheels will instantly spin. This in return allows for you to have a better opportunity at winning more money on your bets and the very reason as to why this game was developed.

WagerWorks has also added a three bonus feature to this three wheel roulette game. These features include Turbo Play, Spin From A Single Click and Re-Bet. Turbo Play allows for you to bet on all of the same numbers across each three wheels, if you win on each wheel you will be rewarded with a multiplier that rangers from 2x to 1000x your win.