New COD For PS Vita

Activision, the famed published behind the Call of Duty Franchise announced that they’ll be publishing a new installment in the Call of Duty franchise for the Playstation Vita. This new Call of Duty installment is promised to boast visuals that are compared to Modern Warfare 3, ensuring players that the true call of duty experience will finally be coming to the Playstation Vita.


This new installment isn’t being developed by Nethersoft Studios either, Activision also announced that this new Call of Duty is being developed by a off branch of Sledgehammer Studios. Sledgehammer has previously worked on Modern Warfare 3 and their developing their own installment into the console series of Call of Duty.

This new call of duty is said to take place between Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare, we will meet key characters that help develop the characters we’ll see in Advanced Warfare and it’ll also help answer unfinished questions from the third installment in the Modern Warfare series.

Activision released a short statement regarding the new COD for the PS Vita saying, “The new Call of Duty for the PS Vita will boast visuals never before seen on the handheld device. We plan to release this new call of duty the same week that Advanced Warfare is released. This new installment will help bridge gaps between two of the most beloved Call of Duty’s and we can’t wait to see the reaction we get from fans of the series. We will be releasing more information relating to this new COD come E3 2014.”