Ontario Lottery Gambling

Ontario Citizens are in for a treat in the next couple of weeks as the first regulated online casino is making its way to Ontario. The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation revealed weeks ago that an online casino that is regulated would be making its way to Ontario Punters. This surprised many in the province but people still were unaware as to what kind of games would be making its way to the casino, many citizens expecting it to be mainly scratch card games and video slots.


Luckily those people were wrong as today OLG revealed what games would be making its way to this new gambling website. Those games include video slots, scratch card games, roulette, blackjack, video poker & various other card games. They also noted that you can expect keno, craps & other casino games to make its way to the casino in the future after its initial release. With this announcement made many people around Ontario are excited to experience this new regulated online casino as it could very well offering an exciting gambling experience & potentially be profitable at the same time. That could be difficult though as OLG might make the payout ratios lower than an average online casino just as they do in their land based slots.

None the less players will still be able to enjoy a regulated online gambling experience through this casino. We shall keep you informed on new information released regarding this casino. It’ll be interesting to see if they release the names of these casino games.