Playstation 4 Turns A Profit

As each new piece of hardware that is released by any company that company must sell a certain amount of product before they can turn a profit. The reason for this is because each company invests of developing that product, putting it into production, advertising it to the public, paying the employees who helped create the new product and so many other variables that eventually come into play. One of the largest pieces of hardware to be released back in 2013 was the Playstation 4, for the five months the Playstation 4 has been sold out across North America and Europe. Sony in less than one year was able to turn a profit on the Playstation 4, making the PS4 the fastest profiting console to date.

sony logo

Sony released a proud statement regarding this announcement saying, “We are proud and honored to announce that the Playstation 4 has already turned a profit for Sony Entertainment. It only took us five months before this new console was able to be profitable for the company. Moving forward we will create different models of the Playstation 4 that will conserve energy, have a lower heating factor and provide an overall better experience for the gamer.”

Currently the Playstation 4 is available in the United States of America, Europe and Canada. It sells for four hundred Euro’s in Europe, $400 in the United States of America and $450 in Canada. Regardless of the price this device is worth every single penny.