Playtech Releases Marvel Roulette Game

Playtech, one of the top developers of software for online casino gaming, revealed earlier on this month that they will be releasing a new roulette game upon the online gambling world. When this announcement was first made people look forward to the new roulette game but it didn’t bring as much attention as Playtech wanted. That is when Playtech revealed that this roulette game is being designed around famous Marvel characters that everyone loves.

playtech logo

When you load this Marvel based roulette game for the first time you will see Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and The Wolverine. You will notice that each one of these characters are designed as their movie counterparts and not their original comic book formations. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone as the Marvel movies have become famous across the globe. This roulette game plays the same as any other roulette game online, when you land on a win though you will see a certain character make an action depending on which number you won on. This in return does make the game more exciting for fans of the Marvel universe.

Playtech revealed this information with a statement on their website saying, “Recently we revealed a new roulette game was in development. We would now live to reveal the name of that roulette game, “Marvel Roulette”. Yes that is correct we are developing a new roulette game based around characters from the Marvel Universe. We suspect fans will be very pleased.”