Those who love to gamble online and enjoy the thrill of winning a large amount of money can now do so through the comfort of their mobile device. No longer must you wait until you get home to play online roulette as 888 Casino revealed this week that they’ve released a mobile casino onto the iOS Platform. Amongst the new games available for the mobile platform courteously of 888 Casino is Online Roulette, players will be able to place a bet on either black or red while you watch the wheel spin around and around until it hopefully lands on your number.


There are other games that will be available through this new mobile casino. 888 also revealed that live poker, live blackjack, online blackjack, video slots & more are also available at their mobile casino as well. This will give punters plenty of variety in how they choose to enjoy their gambling experience. This new mobile app also has been designed around the convenience factor in order to simplify the users experience. Register with the casino only takes one minute and it only takes another minute for you to find a game you want to play.

Those wishing to sign up at 888’s mobile casino can do so by downloading the mobile application through either your iPad or iPhone on the iOS Store. The application is free but players can only play real money casino games which requires that players use a valid payment method in order to deposit into the casino but that deposit can lead onto some major big wins for players.