Teenager Arrested While Playing Online Roulette

A teen age boy no older than fifteen years old was recently caught in an illegal online roulette café in Johor Baru Selatan. This fifteen year old boy is a high school dropout, opting to leave school before his first year was even completed. This roulette café was raided in the popular snooker centre where previous cafes have been known to host illegal computer gambling sessions before.


Unfortunately this boy hasn’t had it easy as he is being detained with six other people caught in this café and the mother is unfortunately dealing with the death of her husband and the father of her son. The broken home has only become worse after the father passed on which is why this young boy ventured off to the café in hopes of winning a large amount of money that in return he could provide to his mother for rent, food, clothing and whatever else the family needed. This unfortunately makes no bearing to the law which is why this boy will see his court date if his mother or other relatives can’t bail him out in the upcoming days.

A total of twenty three desktop computers were taken from this café, including one master computer worth 50,000RM. The police have seized these funds and will be auctioning off the computers, all money will be used to bettering the police force in Johor State.

This case is currently being investigated by local authorities and if this boy is relieved of his charges he’ll be able to return home. We shall inform you as to what this young man’s fate is as for right now it is uncertain.