Ten more sites blacklisted due to Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Gambling Commission released a statement today saying that they have blocked another then betting website while also adding a couple of new websites from large gambling firms.
Some of the new sites that you will come across for Bulgarian gamblers include bensbingo.com, global.138.com, energycasino.com, redbet.com, eurocasinobet.com, cardcasino.com and goldbetting.com. Some of these big named casinos are owned by companies such as MGM, Redbet Gaming, Xela Limited and many more.

When the move to block another ten websites came about it was because of the BGC taking fire for banning certain websites before they could go ahead and get a licensing agreement. Their list now has several dozen websites that operate against the Bulgarian Law and there for are not available in Bulgaria.

How many more sites will be blocked by Bulgarian authorities is to be seen but this is a list that seems to grow each month as they crack down on those sites that seem determined to offer betting options to players in Bulgaria. However, it is reported that Bulgaria is now looking at making licensing within the country easier so it is expected that a number of those blocked will become licensed.