The land casinos growth is twice as slow compared to online gambling

The online gambling market is being studied by many companies out there, one recent market research was released by H2 Gambling Capital. This study has revealed the fact that the online gambling is now growing at a steady rate and it managed to grow twice as fast compared to the land based gambling.

This report is showing that in the year 2012 the online gambling went up by 7.2%, while at the same time the land gambling grew by 3.1%. At the same time this is a very optimistic report since the online gambling went up to €25 billion.

Another interesting thing that this report is showing is that the online gambling still accounts for a small part of the gambling market. This way there are only 8% of the gross revenues that are done in the gambling industry.

The online gambling in Europe managed to penetrate the market at a percentage of 12.6%, while in North America the percentage is situated at only 4.4%. This is happening due to the limited access of players and bettors to just a few sites that are operating on that market.
The prospects for the online gambling industry are also looking good since it is expected to grow rapidly and by the year 2018 it will reach €42.9 billion, where the annual growth rate is situated at an average of 9.3%.

The gambling that is done over the internet and that is generating revenues comes mainly from sports betting (46%), while the casino accounts for 17% and the online poker is currently going down and reaches 13%.