Third Quarter for 2013 released by Betsson

Betsson is considered to be the largest online betting firm in Sweden and today they released their 2013 third quarter results. Betsson was lucky enough to have a 14% jump in growth and a 27% jump in revenue this year.

The key financial indicators for Betsson are impressive for the company to say the least. Revenue went up a total of fourteen percent this year, this means that Betsson gained an extra $530 million dollars in revenue this year. The operating tax for Betsson went up by 27% which means operating costs went up $120 million dollars for Betsson.

The Betsson CEO Magnus Silfverberg commented on the release of their third quarter results saying, “Our company is growing every year and we continue to hold the percentage in the online betting firm market. The increase in profit will give us the opportunity to make deals with other online gambling operators. Rather is be an online casino or a sports booking room.”

He went on to also say, “I hope that Betsson continues to see substantial growth in both the long term and short term aspects of the company. We want to take over the entire market and become the only online betting firm. In order for us to do this we will have to use our yearly profits in order to market our betting firm more. This will bring more sports betting gamblers and online gamblers to our website.”