Xbox One Plus Titanfall and Forza 5 for $450

The online retailer known as NewEgg is offering an incredible deal for their shoppers. Currently you can purchase the console with Titanfall, one of the most popular games to ever be released on a console and Forza 5 the racing simulator for only $450. This is an incredible deal that is only available for one week and then the price will revert back to $550.


Titanfall is a new shooter released by Respawn Entertainment. Respawn Entertainment is a group of developers who originally created Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. The new game from these famed developers puts you in a futuristic world where war wages on Earth. You fight against various players from around the world to win a multiplayer match and move onto the next battle, eventually you earn Titans during the battle which lets you rampage through the streets of the various multiplayer maps in the game and destroy all who stand in your path.

Forza 5 on the other hand is a racing simulator that features hundreds of different cars from various eras, dozens of race tracks and a large amount of DLC. This deal will allow for you to gain not only an Xbox One but an incredible gaming experience. The special deal will also boast one month of Xbox Live Gold, allowing for you to play both of these games instantly.

You have to go to the NewEgg online website in order to purchase this incredible console combo.